After School Program: Pan-African Congress

The Pan-African Congress is an after-school program which facilitates student learning around the historical, cultural, economic, political, social, and educational characteristics of nations across Africa and the African Diaspora through the lens of TREP’s six pillars. Students are assigned nations, and engage in activities, projects, and critical debates. This program is designed to develop skills in critical thinking, literacy, public speaking, and collaboration, and to heighten global awareness and African consciousness.

What’s Included:

All Materials and Supplies



Level 1: Grades 6-8

Level 2: Grades 9-12


12 Weeks

Dates, Days, and Times:

Spring Session: February-April

Fall Session: September-November

Sessions are 1.5 hours and are offered once a week after school. Schools/organizations can select a preferred day of the week and time.


At school/organization’s headquarters

Program Fee/Payment Options:

Payment Covered by Parents:

$390 Total (can be paid in two installments of $195)


Payment Covered by School/Organization:

Can cover the cost of 10, 15, or 20 students per level

  • 10 Students: $3,900

  • 15 Students: $5,850

  • 20 Students: $7,800