Youth Programs

Youth Book Club

The Youth Book Club Program, a partnership between The Re-Education Project and Afrikanah Book Club, is a space for youth to grow intellectually and gather socially through the exploration of literature written by Black writers and literary works with strong Black characters and subject matters. This program is designed to foster development in literacy, reading comprehension, and critical thinking, and to expose young readers to the African literary tradition.

African Language Program

The African Language Program is a virtual program wherein students have the opportunity to learn African and Diasporic languages from native speakers. The program develops written, verbal, and reading skills. The current class offerings include Yoruba (Nigeria and Benin), Swahili (Kenya and Tanzania), Wolof (Senegal and Gambia), Twi (Ghana), and Haitian (Haiti). Students can enroll in one class or multiple per session.

Summer Program

The Summer Program is our signature, annual program, offering interactive activities and workshops for youth around our six pillars of Black History, African Culture, Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, Literacy, and Social Intelligence. The program also includes special guest speakers and workshops including African Dance and Drum, Painting, Creative Writing, and Capoeira. Scholars also develop business and social impact plans. 

Rites of Passage Program

The Rites of Passage Program, a partnership between The Re-Education Project and Shrine Cultural and Event Center, is a program based deeply on traditional African customs and values. It is designed to assist youth with making the transition into young adulthood with enhanced awareness and consciousness. This program helps facilitate their learning culturally, intellectually, socially, morally, and emotionally; develops their identity as African people; deepens their connection to self and their commitment to community; and gives them the tools to navigate our contemporary role from an Afrocentric perspective, operating at their full potential. The program culminates on the 1st of January, the last day of Kwanzaa and the day marking the end of the Haitian Revolution. During this time, they will be celebrated, re-welcomed into the community, and receive their African names. 

Pan-African Congress After-School Program

The Pan-African Congress is an after-school program which facilitates student learning around the historical, cultural, economic, political, social, and educational characteristics of nations across Africa and the African Diaspora through the lens of TREP’s six pillars. Students are assigned nations, and engage in activities, projects, and critical debates. This program is designed to develop skills in critical thinking, literacy, public speaking, and collaboration, and to heighten global awareness and African consciousness.

ASE ADDD Academy

Ase African and Diasporic Dance and Drum Program, a partnership between The Re-Education Project and Dance Afrikana, is an after-school program offered to Houston area schools and organizations. The program explores the diverse dance and music traditions from Africa and its Diaspora. Students will learn polyrhythms, polymovements, groundedness, isolations, polycentrism, and improvisational practices, while gaining knowledge about the history and culture from which these traditions emerge and the influences they’ve had on other artistic forms.