Summer program

The Re-Education Project Summer program is designed for students to have a hands-on interactive summer learning experience that verses them in various areas such as black history, entrepreneurship, social justice, literacy, and arts. Our goal is to equip youth with the necessary tools and resources to become global change agents. To avoid the summer slump that causes a decline in academic retention, and to provide a safe space for youth to learn, connect and grow!


Club TREP is a project that encourages our kids to see and invest in the power of their own voices. In essence, it is a project they are leading by implementing what they have learned in the summer program. The innovation behind this is how we are giving our students autonomy and hands on leadership experience. The goal of Club TREP is to continue to build our communities. As an extension of our annual summer program, the club will meet monthly (virtually as needed) throughout the year to continue our studies in Black History and African Culture and to assist students in implementing their Social Justice and Entrepreneurship plans. Like the summer program, it is for 5th through 8th grade scholars.

Knowledge Bowl

The Re-Education Project​ ​Knowledge Bowl​ ​is to create and support an environment where contributions of people of African descent are seen as vital and significant to the United States and the world at large. The event features exciting speakers, special guests, and fun and engaging activities. The Re-Education Project​ ​Knowledge Bowl is an academic event hosted by The Re-Education Project where 5th-8th graders compete on teams with their knowledge of historical facts regarding African American history and culture. Set up similarly to the Spelling Bee and/or Jeopardy, students will be asked trivia questions under a time constraint.